Is Hawaii right for you?

This course explains the behind the scenes thinking on our public quiz and will help you figure out if Hawaii is right for you. Don't make the mistake so many others make: Hawaii is not for everyone. Make sure it's right for you! Many people just make an emotional jump and move to Hawaii with

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Spiritual transformation in Hawaii

It doesn't matter how much money you make because if you can't get your spirit to embrace Hawaii, it's just a matter of time before you will leave. And if you succeed in this step, the money won't matter (assuming you make enough for food and housing) Here's what we'll cover in this course: Getting

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Making it financially work in Hawaii

Hawaii has some of the highest real estate prices, the most expensive grocery bills and if that isn't enough, you'll probably take a big pay cut compared to your current job. Making ends meet is of course critical if you're going to live here. Finances are probably the biggest reason why people have are forced

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Ace the job interview

You're new to Hawaii and employers are going to look at you differently. Give them the confidence that you know what you're doing with what you'll learn here. Hawaii employers get resumes all the time from people that want to move here and most of them go straight to the trash can. The few that

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How to Pronounce Hawaiian Words Correctly

What This Course Teaches: Fundamentals: the basic rules of pronunciation including vowel sounds, diphthongs, and diacritical marks Follow the model: common Hawaiian words and placenames are modeled for you in perfect pronunciation so you know what they sound like. Record and practice : This course uniquely walks you through the words and lets you listen

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Buying a home

Nothing quite says "I'm here to stay" like buying a home in Hawaii. Do it right, and Hawaii's real estate historic appreciation values will make you glad you bought over the long term. Do it wrong, and you might find yourself in a financial disaster. Hawaii's real estate has many unique characteristics that mainland buyers

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Malihini Wisdom

This course has captured a rare, once-only freshness that you get when you've just moved to Hawaii.  This course is a collection of shared lessons from the "Malihini" (newcomers) of wisdom that come from direct experience and fills important details in our Islander Ohana course lineup. You can't buy this course - at any price!

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