What does joining the ‘Ohana do for you?

Live in Hawaii in the best possible way

Decades of wisdom. Connections to the best resources. Priceless community. One ‘Ohana

You’re considering making a life-changing decision with massive consequences that could go either way.  What normally takes years of trial and error is now packaged online and you can start benefitting immediately.

Overview in 90 seconds

Decades of Wisdom

Is Hawaii right for you? What steps should you take to actually move here?  Will you fit in with Hawaii’s unique culture? How will you make the finances work? What do you need to do to get a job here?

Peter provided insights that we would not have received any other way, from financial planning to spiritual transformation and everything in between.
Charlene from Boston, Winter '20-21 Cohort

Best connections

What’s the best moving company? Which real estate agents really know the local market? What are the best schools? Who can help you find a good job?

We’ve got a network of the best companies been built over decades of doing business in Hawaii and it’s all available to you.

What makes the Islander Ohana different is that it has a wealth of context from Peter and his partners are right behind ready to help you.

Darryl from Texas, Winter '20-21 Cohort

Priceless community

You are not alone!  You’re connecting with people that have either lived here for a lifetime or have joined us to make their journey to living in Hawaii.  A combination of regular cohort conferences, private Facebook Groups, and student discussion boards will help you meet new people and make new friends.

The cohort structure is the best part – we’ve met people from all over who have become instant friends that we look forward to meeting in person in Hawaii. The small class size is perfect, each person has plenty of opportunities to ask questions and engage in discussions and it really feels like an Ohana!

Jessica from Texas, Winter '20-21 Cohort

Living the Dream

What’s the best way to live in Hawaii and how does joining the ‘Ohana make that happen? Watch this video.

Peter’s deep passion for the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle is contagious and apparent in all aspects of the Islander ‘Ohana. His care and attention makes the whole experience truly unique and invaluable. The gift of the Islander ‘Ohana is something we can never repay, although we will try!

Megan from Wisconsin, Winter '20-21 Cohort

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