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What our alumni have to say…

We joined the Islander Ohana because we thought we could learn some tips and tricks to make our move easier. But we ended up with so much more than just that! Our biggest transformation came from the Spirituality class, and trying to unlearn all the bad habits we’ve picked up from life on the mainland. The cohort structure is the best part – we’ve met people from all over who have become instant friends that we look forward to meeting in person in Hawaii. The small class size is perfect, each person has plenty of opportunities to ask questions and engage in discussions and it really feels like an Ohana!

Jessica from Texas, Winter '20-21 Cohort

I would recommend the Islander Ohana to anyone considering moving to Hawaii. Peter Kay shares practical tools, candid advice, and his own real-life experiences, thoughtfully engaging all class members and responding to their individual questions and requests.

The combination of course materials and cohort interactions have been invaluable to our family and helped to reaffirm that this is the right move for us. We had done a lot of research on our own beforehand, but Peter provided insights that we would not have received any other way, from financial planning to spiritual transformation and everything in between.

It has been a pleasure participating in this course and we are very grateful to have had this opportunity.

Charlene from Boston, Winter '20-21 Cohort

Peter’s Hawaii Islander Transformation class has been a priceless experience for us. We learned so much about life in Hawaii and received extremely practical, detailed advice on what is needed to make our dreams of living there a reality.

One huge benefit of Peter’s wisdom is that it helps manage expectations. Now, instead of having unrealistic expectations that would have come crashing down, we are ready to make our move to Hawaii with eyes wide open. We can start our life in Hawaii on the right foot and eventually become islanders with much more ease.

Peter is so generous with his time, resources, and stories. Peter’s deep passion for the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle is contagious and apparent in all aspects of the Islander ‘Ohana. His care and attention makes the whole experience truly unique and invaluable. The gift of the Islander ‘Ohana is something we can never repay, although we will try!

Joanne from Maine, Winter '20-21 Cohort

There is a lot to think about and do in planning a move to Hawaii (understatement). The experiences that Peter shares make a great deal of the process easier. There are things that I never would have thought about until the move was done and there are things I guessed to be very different. Peter’s open and honest lessons will make you think and will save you time and frustration. Beyond what Peter teaches he binds the Ohana together and makes each member feel comfortable sharing their experiences and questions. That is important because we learned from each other as well as Peter. When decisions need to be made, the lessons learned in the Ohana classes come quickly to mind and help to ease the stress. Knowing that the Ohana is there if more questions come up is helpful too. It will be exciting to meet everyone in person at Makapu’u!

Mark from Ohio, Winter '20-21 Cohort

Our family of six was ready to buy sight-unseen during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. After 8 months of research, we sold our house and almost all of our belongings. While waiting for a property to open up, we were able to take a breath…pause…and consider again all the facets of moving to Hawai`i by joining the Islander Ohana.

The best part of the group, apart from the kind host, is the encouragement and excitement in the group. By relating with other people who are also trying to live in Hawai`i, we remained optimistic amid the very real logistical struggle. After every meeting, I felt like hanging out with these folks if given the chance. The course cost is risking pennies by comparison if your move is a mistake or if you’re unprepared.

True, there is a wealth of information on the internet about moving to Hawai`i. What makes the Islander Ohana different is that it has a wealth of context from Peter and his partners are right behind ready to help you. He sincerely wants the “right” people who will make Hawai`i better to come. He demonstrates how Hawai`i returns the favor if YOU accept Hawai`i. You can feel the love he has for the people and the land of Hawai`i and wants to share and teach that Aloha Spirit with newcomers. Everyone’s experience and situation is different in the group, but with the help of the Islander Ohana, we were able to make a confident decision that Hawai`i is still right for us, albeit not “right now” with so many little ones we have.

Darryl, Winter '20-21 Cohort

I absolutely recommend the cohort course. If you are serious about moving to Hawaii, you must absolutely take advantage of Peter Kay’s knowledge of all things Hawaii.

Most of us have idealized what a possible life in Hawaii could be, it behooves you to get the perspective of someone who has lived among the people since the 80s€”a touch of reality never hurt anyone.

After taking the course, I’m more determined than ever to relocate but I’m going into the process with a more fleshed out plan. I’m chaining my behaviors where I am right now to prepare. I am saving money, I am downsizing, researching neighborhoods and practicing my Hawaiian!. Take the course, I believe it to be an essential investment in your relocation costs.

Kinaya from Texas, Winter '20-21 Cohort

My name is Jody and I joined the Ohana programme 2021 cohort, after many years of research and procrastinating about really deciding to move to Hawaii. I did a search online many times and little did I know I would come across such a meaningful course such as the Ohana course. The Ohana course Showed me so much about what it takes to move to Hawaii, to learn more about the culture of the Hawaiian people and also it helped me learn about myself and what I really wanted from Hawaii.

‘Making it financially work in Hawaii’ was such a great aspect of the course as for me coming from London UK, it’s a major factor to relocating and getting planted long term. ‘Ace the job interview’ has also been a great guidance in preparing for job interviews and letting potential employers know what my true intentions are for being Hawaii. Furthermore ‘Is Hawaii right for you?’ This was a very sensitive topic for me, as in life we may always have others say “that’s too far, the culture is too different, why would you move away from your family?” I had to really focus on answering the big questions back to myself, if I stayed home in the UK with what I have always known, the same job and the same cloudy skies….would I still long to live in Hawaii?…. and the answer was YES! It was a sense of community, island Aloha culture, a healthy way of living and the great tropical sunshine, with the opportunity to explore the masses of such beautiful, picturesque nature on the island each time that made my answer secure in wanting to move to Hawaii.

To me, the Ohana course highlighted so much more of what it takes to live in Hawaii. It gave me a sense of community, learning about other members’ journeys and processes to transition from Home to Hawaii. I enjoyed the course so much and Peter made the course weekly meetups online fun and meaningful. Also being able to achieve certificates along the way of completing each section of the course was very encouraging as I didn’t expect it but it also made it rewarding. I would 100% recommend this course as it helped encourage me and gave me more drive to want to make it happen by putting all into action this time and to make the final jump as I had support from Peter and encouragement from the group.

Jody from London UK, Spring '21 Cohort

Thinking about moving to Hawaii? Wonderful! It’s a beautiful place! You probably already know about some of the risks and downsides of living in Hawaii, from the high cost of living to moving far away from friends and family. But there is much, much more to learn before taking the big leap. And while you may be able to piece together all of the knowledge you need on your own, there is a much easier way. And that is Peter Kay’s Islander Ohana.

I have been watching Peter’s YouTube videos about Hawaii for several years. At first, sporadically. I was on the email list, but I didn’t watch most of the videos, because it was just kind of a novelty at first. I enjoyed watching this congenial white-haired man drive his convertible around Oahu talking about the weather and what-not, but it was no big deal, just another YouTuber having fun, I thought.

But the more I listened, the more I came to understand that he really knows his stuff, and I thought, maybe this guy actually has a few nuggets of wisdom. And before long it seemed to become essential viewing. When I learned about the Islander Ohana, I thought, ok, this is actually a pretty great opportunity to really dig in and learn about Hawaii. Even then I didn’t understand what I was getting myself into.

The information that Peter imparts in his videos and in the cohort meetings is literally priceless. He covers nearly everything imaginable, and if he doesn’t cover it in a video, he’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

And possibly the best part is that you get to mingle with other people who are trying to do the same thing you are doing… Moving to paradise! The sharing of knowledge, swapping stories, and learning from what others did right (or wrong) is invaluable. I genuinely want to meet and hang out with everyone from my cohort, or even the other cohorts.

If you want to become a nurse, you should go to nursing school. If you want to get married, you should speak with a counselor. If you want to learn martial arts, you should join a dojo. And if you want to move to Hawaii, you should absolutely join the Islander Ohana.

Mark from Oklahoma, Spring '21 Cohort

“To be honest, when I first heard about this cohort course, I was intrigued, but also wary. I was unsure about spending the money because I wasn’t sure if it was a scam of some sort, but you seemed genuine on the real estate shows, so I decided to take a chance.

I’m glad I did. Many of the things you talked about were things I’d noticed about Hawaii during my visits, but it was helpful to have you consolidate these observations. You confirmed things about Hawaii and its culture that I thought I saw, but wasn’t sure I was interpreting things correctly.

Having other people in the class made it more special than I had expected. One thing that I appreciated was the range of readiness to move. Some folks were getting ready to move this year and some were not going to be ready for several years, and perhaps might never move to Hawaii, but the whole range was acceptable.

Others suggested some details about logistics, and I had been thinking about that too. Also, I had been wondering about the banks. People in the class had good questions, and usually I don’t like long stories, but yours were fun.”

Sara from Vermont, Winter '20-'21 Cohort

“I would never want to move to Hawaii without first being part of Peter Kay’s Islander Ohana group.  It’s so amazing to have gained information from Peter and others in the group.  I look forward to the meetings and classes and just can’t get enough.  It’s fun being around people who share the love of the islands and we are there to learn from and support each other.  I’ve gained Peter and a group of people who feel like ohana.”

Judi from Colorado, Spring '21 Cohort

When you’re dreaming of moving to Hawaii you can often feel completely alone. You can do all of the research online and watch all of the YouTube videos but still feel like the dream is so big and unattainable.

Joining the Hawaii Islander Transformation Program has given my family the confidence and resources to make this dream a reality. Connecting with a cohort of other like-minded individuals going through a similar process has been incredibly rewarding.

The cultural, financial and practical lessons give you all of the tools necessary to see if Hawaii is right for you. Which (spoiler alert!) Hawaii isn’t for everyone. If you have a vision of creating a life in Hawaii you will be so glad you joined the Islander Ohana.

Megan from Wisconsin, Winter '20-21 Cohort

Most people who move to Hawaii
end up moving back home

According to statistics from the State of Hawaii Department of Economic Development, approximately 50,000 people move to Hawaii each year, yet about 60,000 leave.

And some of those biggest reasons for failure is that they…

  • Never get hired
  • Can’t afford it
  • Get overcome by loneliness

  • Reject (or get rejected by!) the culture

  • Find out it wasn’t meant for them in the first place

If you don’t want to be another failure statistic, you’ll need to undergo the “Hawaii Islander Transformation” to change your life and embrace the Spirit of Aloha!

You can’t “get it” by just reading blogs and watching videos. You need to:

  • Follow a roadmap that will transform your life and embrace local culture

  • Connect with a network of people that support each other

  • Talk to employers who will take you seriously

And be coached by people who have taken the journey, lived here for decades and succeeded in their own transformation to living their dream in Hawaii.

One thing is for sure, there isn’t a single person that’s been living here for a long time that hasn’t done what you will need to do:

And that is to transform your life into a “Hawaii Islander”.

I landed in Hawaii when I was 20 years old. I didn’t know a single person, and I didn’t have a plan or a job.

After months of failure, I was living on peanut butter sandwiches and came within weeks of being out on the street with no food, no job and nowhere to go..

But then I discovered “The Secret” of what I needed to do and decades later I’m still living here and happy with everything that anyone could possibly ask for.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned since living here from mid-80s and will show you how to do it too

After years of listening to thousands of subscribers on our website, we created a complete step-by-step solution that includes:

  • Education – our online courses will teach you in months what takes people decades to figure out

  • Community – connect with others just like you online and then meet up face to face when you get here.

  • Providers – Our network has the most reputable companies in Hawaii and they can be trusted for moving, housing, transportation and everything else you need.

You can watch YouTube until you’re blue in the face, read every book about living Hawaii there is and even if you’re a billionaire you won’t last in Hawaii unless you transform your life and become a Hawaii Islander.

That means you embrace our values, our culture, and our fundamental way of life. Everyone that has moved here and stayed here has done this. Those that have not either won’t be here for long or have already left.

Living in Hawaii is really about making huge changes to your life. The beauty of these islands is a reflection of the beauty of its people.

I’ve constantly thought about what this place is all about since I first moved here in the mid-80s and have finally decided to put it into a program anyone can follow – the first of its kind.

I’ve created a simple (but not easy!) step-by-step process that will take you from wherever you are today to living in Hawaii tomorrow. Everything is online and mobile-friendly. You learn at your own pace, follow the steps, and you can even do the whole thing from your mobile phone!

Membership in the ‘Ohana has its benefits

If you’ve watched my YouTubes and read the articles on our website, you have an idea of the quality and style of the delivery. Our program combines that with a laser-focused, simple step-by-step program that will transform your life to the Hawaii Islander way.

Here’s what’s in

The Hawaii Islander Transformation program

Course #1: Is Hawaii right for you?

Soooo many people just make an emotional jump and move to Hawaii with minimal planning and the results are usually a complete disaster. I know many people that were either financially ruined, got divorced, took serious hits to their career, or at the very least became extremely disillusioned with what Hawaii is all about.
I’m going to help you avoid those mistakes and begin by figuring out if Hawaii is really right for you in the first place.

This first course alone is priceless and will either help you avoid disaster or get you more motivated than ever to live here.

Course #2: Simple steps to Living in Hawaii

If you’ve determined Hawaii is right for you, this next course reviews my complete roadmap on how to live here from start to finish. It’s important to know the big picture and where you are headed.

You will have clear objectives to keep in mind as you undergo your transformation.

Course #3: Spiritual transformation in Hawaii

It doesn’t matter how much money you make because if you can’t get your spirit to embrace Hawaii, it’s just a matter of time before you will leave. And if you succeed in this step, the money won’t matter, assuming you make enough for food and housing.  Some of the topics we’ll be covering include:

  • Getting the right mindset to let Hawaii transform you.

  • Important cultural elements to embrace – things that will make you and everyone around you happy.

  • Changing your Western ways – don’t be guilty of any of these things!

  • Local etiquette – common sense (for us that live here) things to do that help you fit in any social setting

  • How to tap the energy within you that you’ll need to undergo the transformation.

  • How to embrace Hawaiian culture even though you’ll never be “Hawaiian”.
  • Living the Aloha spirit – learning to love everything and give everything of yourself.
  • The single most important secret about instantly getting along with everyone here.

  • A simple guide to correctly pronouncing Hawaiian words – and why it’s so important!

This course is probably the most important because if you get this right, everything else will flow. Fail this, and the rest won’t matter.

Course #4: Making it financially work in Hawaii

Hawaii has some of the highest real estate prices, the most expensive grocery bills and if that isn’t enough, you’ll probably take a big pay cut compared to your current job. Making ends meet is of course critical if you’re going to live here. We’ll cover things like:

  • Employment – how to get hired – ask anyone living in the mainland that attempted to get a job in Hawaii – you probably won’t even get a response to your application! We’ll show you a time-tested method that works.

  • Housing – making it work, choosing the right neighborhood, and avoid major mistakes – like choosing what seems to be an “affordable” location!

  • Schools – If you are either going to school or have family members that will be, making the right (or wrong) choice has huge consequences
  • Moving – get smart with shipping and avoid mistakes that can cost you thousands.

  • Making ends meet – You will be shocked by how expensive Hawaii is.  We’ll show you how to live minimally while embracing it and loving it.

  • Budget busters – replace your expensive habits (that will really cost you dearly here) for a fraction of the cost.

Finances are probably the biggest reason why people have are forced to leave and you must nail this step to make Hawaii work for the long term.

Course #5: Ace the job interview

Hawaii employers get resumes all the time from people that want to move here and most of them go straight to the trash can. The few that make it past that first step usually fail the interview.

Outsiders don’t get hired simply because local employers have been burned for decades by people that just moved here, got hired, and then quickly realized they should never have come to Hawaii (obviously didn’t join the ‘Ohana!).

Employers that interview mainland candidates look for certain things and you don’t want to fail those tests! This course will cover:

  • The key things you’ll need to mitigate before the interview.

  • How to prove you’ve got your financial plan worked out.

  • Demonstrating you know the challenges you’re going to face and how you’re going to address them.

  • How to make it clear you’re not a fly-by-night candidate and are here to stay.

Course #6: Buying a home in Hawaii

Hawaii’s real estate market has many significant differences from what you might be used to on the mainland.  Get educated on important differences before you make the biggest financial commitment of your life.

  • How to find the right home for you
  • Each major district of the island explained
  • Island-specific issues – things to know
  • Hawaii homes are built differently – why & how

  • Guide to Hawaii real estate financing
  • Why you need local vs. mainland bank financing
  • What you must know about “leasehold” properties before you buy

This will be the single most consequential and the most financially impactful decision you will make.  You’ll get the knowledge you need taught by seasoned industry veterans with decades of experience. 

Course #7: How to Correctly Pronounce Hawaiian Words

Correctly (or, rather, incorrectly) pronouncing Hawaiian words is the quickest way to establish (or destroy) your local credibility in Hawaii. If you pronounce Hawaiian words like foreigners (haoles) do, you’ll instantly reveal that not only are you not from here, but you also don’t care enough about the local culture to make the effort to learn the language.  This course gives you the tools and techniques you’ll need to know in order to pronounce Hawaiian words correctly, including:

  • Fundamentals– the basic rules of pronunciation including vowel sounds, diphthongs, and diacritical marks

  • Follow the model– common Hawaiian words and placenames are modeled for you in perfect pronunciation so you know what they sound like. 

  • Record and practice – This course uniquely walks you through the words and lets you listen to yourself compared to the model – no other courses that we researched have this feature!  

  • Targeted purpose– unlike other Hawaiian language courses which attempt to teach conversational Hawaiian – this course solely focuses on correct pronunciation of Hawaiian words, making it far, far easier and quicker to learn while providing immediate practical benefits you’ll use every day in Hawaii.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how big your home is, or how long you’ve lived in Hawaii. If you pronounce Hawaiian words like foreigners do, you will always be seen as a foreigner.

Join the ‘Ohana now.

Purchased separately, access to all ‘Ohana benefits would cost over $1,400.

We’re offering a special package price that include everything for only $389 . That’s a over 70% off!!

Supercharge your transformation with these member-only bonuses

Going through the courses and earning your certificate is the best way to live in Hawaii for the long term and there’s nothing else like it available.

I kept thinking, what more can we do? What tools would really help?

These amazing extras are worth hundreds and are exclusively available to members of the ‘Ohana that purchase the complete package and go through the cohort process. Bonuses are not available to course a la carte purchases.

Bonus #1: We’ll pay you back if you buy a home here!

  • Join our ‘Ohana and I’ll connect you with the best in the business real estate agents

  • Don’t take my word for it, join us every other week for the Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show and you can meet them yourself
  • Use any of these experts to help you buy your home in Hawaii and you’ll get the money you paid to join our ‘Ohana back at closing.
  • There simply is no other program like this in Hawaii – it more than pays for itself in cold hard cash

Getting cash back to pay for this course is an exclusive ‘Ohana-only benefit.

Bonus #2: Financial planning spreadsheet – value $200

  • You simply won’t have a sustainable move to Hawaii unless you get the finances right.

  • I put together a spreadsheet that will save you hours of work and potentially thousands of dollars in mistakes.

  • You’ll get both a checklist-type of approach to everything in addition to instant calculations.

  • Get the confidence of making your move and a clear financial target to shoot for.

Access to the spreadsheet and all upgrades is an exclusive Ohana-only benefit.

Bonus #3: Job placement priority! – value $1,000s

  • Hawaii’s largest employers have partnered with us because they need to hire great people.

  • Their collaboration on our courses means that they can be confident our members carry far less risk than non-members from the mainland looking for jobs.
  • Our completion certificate shows everyone that you’re serious about living here. It’s worth something very real.

  • Your completed certificate is a recognized accomplishment by our employment partners and puts you at a different level vs. mainland applicants

You read right. Our courses were designed in collaboration with Hawaii’s largest employers and members of our ‘Ohana stand out from the rest!

Bonus #4: Partner network – value $50/yr

Who can you trust to move your stuff safely without breakage?

Who can you trust help you find the right place to live in the right neighborhood?

Who should you talk to when you need to buy furniture?

Who can help you buy a car at a fair price?

What is the right school for your children?

  • These are basic questions and coming into a town where you don’t know anyone forces you to do countless hours of research and you still really don’t know who to trust.

  • I’ve been in business in Hawaii since the mid-80s and have made countless contacts that I know and trust in all of these industries and more. There’s a really good chance that the people I will connect you with have been friends of mine for decades and some of them are like family.

  • This means you’ll not only get a fair deal, but it also means that if anything goes wrong and you need to “run it up the flagpole”, you can send it to me for additional feedback and assistance.

  • This bonus can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. What’s the price of moving to the wrong neighborhood? How much might it cost you buying the wrong car? How do you know you’re not overpaying for furniture?

  • Having a network of trusted partners that have been vetted over decades gives you a huge peace of mind knowing that when you need something, you’ll get it with great quality at fair prices along with solid backing should you need help.

  • Most of our partners offer Ohana member-only premium services or special discounts. The savings from these alone is potentially worth thousands of dollars.

Access to our partner network is an exclusive Ohana-only benefit.

Bonus #5: The Islander Ohana Alumni Network – $priceless

  • Connecting and networking with others is a huge deal and while face-to-face meetings are the best, our ‘ohana is all over the country.

  • Our Private FB group is for members of our ‘ohana who are obviously serious about moving to Hawaii. This group is monitored by our staff, partners, and other locals.

  • You’ll make new friends and help each other on your journey as well as have locals who can answer your questions or give advice.

  • I can’t put a dollar value on this group because it’s truly priceless. What’s the value of making connections with others? What would you pay to get real-world advice from people that actually live in Hawaii? Exactly! Priceless!

Alumni membership via our Private Facebook Group an exclusive ‘Ohana-only benefit.

Keep reading but only if you’re serious about moving to Hawaii

  • I only want to help the right people (this place is not for everyone) that are serious about moving to Hawaii.

  • If you want to just dream about living here, then please enjoy the unparalleled free content on my website and YouTube channel and dream on! Nothing wrong with that!

  • BUT if you’re serious about Hawaii and you are prepared to take action to make your dreams come true, then joining the Hawaii Islander ‘Ohana is about as close to a no-brainer as there is.

  • One of the reasons why our completion certificate is recognized by Hawaii’s largest employers is that you will show you’re serious. You’re not a fly-by-night who’s wasting people’s time to live in the greatest place on earth. The completion certificate means you’ve spent serious time, money, and hard work to earn that interview.

  • So it really comes down to this: are you ready to make a serious commitment to “Live the Dream” or do you just want to keep dreaming?

Because if you’re serious, I’ve taken away the only possible good reason you might have to not join us and that’s the guarantee.

The Guarantee

This is more than your typical “Satisfaction guarantee” things…

  • My refund guarantee to you is pretty simple: take the first class – “Is Hawaii Right for You?” and before you continue with the rest of the program you can get an instant refund for any reason, no questions asked. After all, if Hawaii isn’t right for you, neither is my program!

  • My commitment guarantee is simple: I’ll continue to help you as long as you are in the ‘Ohana, no matter how long it takes and I don’t care whether it takes you one year to move here or 10.

This is a conditional guarantee

  • If you go past the first class, you are committed!

  • It means you will commit transforming your life and embracing the Hawaii Islander way.

  • If you’re not committed, please do not sign up! Enjoy all the free content in the meantime and come back when you’re ready.

I’m committing to you. The only question is whether you will commit to yourself and make this happen.

Is this worth it?

Our alumni have overwhelming rated this program as “An incredible bargain” and we continually strive to improve upon that promise. 

  • Until now, the only way to learn what I’m teaching was to go through a “baptism by fire” and struggle through decades of trial-and-error.

  • Most newcomers fail and move back, with disastrous results. Joining our ‘ohana will save you from this!

  • Purchased separately, all the exclusive ‘Ohana benefits are worth well over $1,400.
  • Buy the package save big, paying only $389.
  • This is just a no-brainer for anyone that’s serious about moving to Hawaii. When you add up how much you’ll learn vs. having to figure it out for yourself plus what you’ll save when using trusted partners and not to mention receiving $250 in cash for getting hired, it’s pretty obvious you will get many times your money back.

The only way this program isn’t worth it is if you aren’t serious about living in Hawaii. But like I said earlier, if that’s the case, then don’t join and enjoy all the free content on the site.

But wait, there’s more! – Meetups!  Value $50/yr

What do we want? More! OK so here you go.

  • We have live ‘Ohana meetups in Hawaii 4 times a year. That’s right! There are get-togethers where you’ll have a chance to meet the other members of your ‘Ohana in person.

  • These are member-only meetups. You’re all serious about moving here and are going through the transformation program together.

  • Meetups are another great way to cement the relationships you’ve made and connect with others just like you in a more meaningful way.

  • Meetups on hold right now due to local laws related to COVID-19 and will resume as soon as we’re all free to meet each other.

If you’re in the ‘Ohana, you’ll get the invite. Whether or not you show up is up to you!

What does this normally cost?

Purchased separately, it’s over $1,400 to access the content in exchange for saving you tens of thousands of dollars, helping you land a  job, and avoid disastrous failure.

Buy the package for only $389 which includes all benefits.

Are you ready turn those dreams into actions?

  • The real choice you’re making here is whether you’re only going to keep dreaming of living in Hawaii or whether you’re going to take action and turn those dreams into reality.

  • It’s not about the cost. If you really think this is too expensive, wait until you get here and go shopping for anything! You’re going to pay thousands of dollars to move to Hawaii, not to mention making ends meet with our sky-high cost of living. This is a tiny down-payment on your life here.
  • It’s not because the quality of the membership is in question. The guarantee takes care of that and you have a solid idea of what to expect based on the tons of free stuff I’m already giving away.
  • This is about making a decision to make things happen. It’s about, more than anything else, telling yourself that you’re going to do it and then actually doing it.
  • Your completion certificate tells people in Hawaii that you paid hard-earned money and put in your valuable time to embrace Hawaii and its values. You’re telling prospective employers that you’re not just a let-me-see-if-I-can-get-a-job tourist wasting their time.

Membership means you’re telling everyone here that you are committed to the Hawaii way of life and you’ll have the documents to prove it.

Is this affordable?

  • Simply put, if the cost of joining the ‘Ohana is something you genuinely can’t afford, you’re going to have a really hard, if not impossible financial time here and I’d go so far as to say you can’t afford living in Hawaii.

  • You’ll easily get your money back in the savings from our partners alone. Moving to Hawaii is going to cost you thousands of dollars and membership will unquestionably save you money, help you get a job, and save you from the countless mistakes that I made when I had to figure this out for myself.
  • I think about whether I would have signed up for something like this when I was considering moving here in the early ’80s and it’s not even a question. Of course I would have signed up and saved myself from the “Baptism by fire” I had to go through, taking decades to figure out how to live here happily!

If you’re serious about moving to Hawaii and you find the cost of membership as an issue, please tell me why because I really want to know. I’m probably blinded by my own bias but I honestly can’t see how this isn’t a no-brainer.

Registration is limited

There are only a limited number of seats, they are sold on a first-come, first served basis and the next one will likely sell out. 

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What’s the real choice you’re making here?

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