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Hawaii has some of the highest real estate prices, the most expensive grocery bills and if that isn’t enough, you’ll probably take a big pay cut compared to your current job. Making ends meet is of course critical if you’re going to live here.
Finances are probably the biggest reason why people have are forced to leave and you must nail this step to make Hawaii work for the long term.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Employment : how to get hired : ask anyone living in the mainland that attempted to get a job in Hawaii : you probably won’t even get a response to your application! We’ll show you a time-tested method that works.
  • Housing : making it work, choosing the right neighborhood, and avoid major mistakes : like choosing what seems to be an “affordable” location!
  • Schools : If you are either going to school or have family members that will be, making the right (or wrong) choice has huge consequences
    Moving : get smart with shipping and avoid mistakes that can cost you thousands.
  • Making ends meet : You will be shocked by how expensive Hawaii is. We’ll show you how to live minimally while embracing it and loving it.
  • Budget busters : replace your expensive habits (that will really cost you dearly here) for a fraction of the cost.