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You’re new to Hawaii and employers are going to look at you differently. Give them the confidence that you know what you’re doing with what you’ll learn here.

Hawaii employers get resumes all the time from people that want to move here and most of them go straight to the trash can. The few that make it past that first step usually fail the interview.

Outsiders don’t get hired simply because local employers have been burned for decades by people that just moved here, got hired, and then quickly realized they should never have come to Hawaii (obviously didn’t join the ‘Ohana!).

Employers that interview mainland candidates look for certain things and you don’t want to fail those tests!

This course will cover:

  • The key things you’ll need to mitigate before the interview.
  • How to prove you’ve got your financial plan worked out.
  • Demonstrating you know the challenges you’re going to face and how you’re going to address them.
  • How to make it clear you’re not a fly-by-night candidate and are here to stay.