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Hello and Aloha,

Looking forward to meeting with you all. I’m Paul, my wife’s name is Kris and we will both be joining you all on this cohort. We have two kids; a 17 year old son who just started his senior year of high school and a 13 year old daughter who is in eighth grade. I’m active duty Air Force and will be retiring next year. We have lived in Okinawa, Japan for the past 8 1/2 years and we will be moving to Oahu in March 2022. My son plans on attending college in Hawaii using my G.I. Bill and my daughter will start and finish high school there as well. I’m starting to look for work as I transition out of the Air Force and my wife is a licensed cosmetologist who currently works out of our home. We all have loved living in Okinawa…the island is beautiful, the people are wonderful, and it will always have a place in our hearts! Kris and I have both picked up and developed a love for surfing over the past couple of years. I’ll have to admit that she is better than me though! We also enjoy hiking the trails, rivers, and waterfalls in northern Okinawa. We’ve endured some of the same challenges that come with living in Hawaii during our time here such as no extended family around, expensive trips home, and small homes just to name a few. We’ve learned to adapt over the years and have come to thrive on our little island in the Western Pacific. I am originally from Louisiana and Kris is from Texas and, while we love our families, neither of us have a desire to return to our home states. Moving to Hawaii is 100% going to happen for us…and even though we’ve only vacationed there a couple of times, we hope to grow our existing love into a lifelong passion. Thanks for reading and we look forward to meeting and sharing in this cohort with you all. Big thanks to Peter and the gang for doing this!

Paul and Kris