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Judi Weber
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Hi Everyone

I’m Judi Weber and I’m back for a second time as a cohort member because I just can’t soak up enough Hawaii out here in the desert of Colorado – haha! My husband and I sold our house here in April since it’s such a “seller’s market” and we knew we would be selling within 3 years anyway. We are retiring on the Big Island in 2024. It’s for sure! After selling our house and watching Peter’s shows we realized houses in Hawaii aren’t going to drop in price soon – so I went on a journey alone to the Big Island. We had been there before but this time I was seeing it with new eyes – like we really are going to live here! Because of Dylan on Peter’s show, I felt like Ohana with him amd the other realtor he set me up with. They took care of everything and helped me out so much. I found a house! We now are homeowners in Kona! But…now to wait the 3 years for retirement. So here I am hanging out with you guys. :)