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Aloha to all! My name is Natacha, my husband is Ronnie, and we have one adult son, Joshua. We currently live in California Bay Area. Our dream is to live long term in Hawaii, which island is still open for discussion but we narrowed it down to Oahu and BI. We have some experience with living in Hawaii in that my son attended the University of Manoa for 3 years, and we owned a small apartment in Waikiki which we sold just before Covid with the aim to buy again… well we all know what happened to that idea with Covid :). We spent a lot of time over the 3 years my son was in university so we know Oahu very well and I have some idea of where I want to be should I choose Oahu, but North Kona BI is also another favorite.
I have also watched all of Peter’s videos and had the great pleasure of meeting up and having a coffee in Waikiki where he told me about his great idea, and now even more honored to be attending as a cohort :).
Saying I am looking forward to participating with all of you, learning more about how to make my dream come true and to become part of a new Ohana is an understatement! :)