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Aloha to everyone in this Cohort. My name is Tom, and my wife is Melissa. We currently live on a small horse farm in Chester County, PA. When are daughters were in college, we sold the “Big Suburban Home” outside of Philadelphia and purchased a small horse farm (our one daughter is an equestrian) to retire our horses and do some boarding. We live in the country surrounded by Amish farms. Melissa said I could “play horse farmer” until retirement, then it was her turn. She has had it with cold, ice & snow. She wanted “beach, ocean & warm”. We both love Hawaii and have been to all of the Islands. I have 20 some attorney client/friends in Oahu, and we have local friends living on each of the main Islands. I have been watching the Living in Hawaii show hosted by Peter since the beginning and decided it was time to join the Ohana Cohort. We plan to retire in a condo on Kauai, our favorite island, hopefully in 2022. My wife is a highly experienced and credentialed Level 1 ER/Trauma nurse and may consider working part-time, since we know healthcare is the big weak spot in Hawaii, and all of the hospitals are desperate for nurses. I plan on “giving back” and have discussed with the leadership team working with Kauai Habitat for Humanity, which we support financially now. That’s our story.