Cancellation FAQs2022-12-26T12:08:34-10:00

Cancellation FAQs

What is your cancellation policy?2020-11-12T07:39:04-10:00
  • There is no cancellation policy.
  • You can take the first course for free (“Is Hawaii Right for You?”) and decide you’re not going to continue.
How does that certified job program work?2020-11-12T07:43:05-10:00


  • Complete our courses.
  • Earn the certificate.
  • Apply for a job from any participating employer (we have some of the state’s largest) and include your certificate in the application process.
  • If you get hired, the employer will pay you a cash bonus as a member of our ‘Ohana!
What if I find out Hawaii isn’t right for me?2020-11-12T07:41:31-10:00

This first course “Is Hawaii right for you?” is free.  Take it and you’ll have a really good idea if Hawaii is right for you or not. If it’s not right for you, stop right there!  If you do find out Hawaii is right for you, join the ‘Ohana and get started!

What does it take to earn the certificate?2019-04-30T06:49:19-10:00

Like any course, there are lectures, exercises, quizzes, and essays. Once you’ve completed the requirements with passing grades, you’ll get your certificate which will earn you a cash bonus from our participating employers!

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